Tuesday, 17 September 2013

An Event for Our Neighbourhood

Fall:  a beautiful time of the year for us to look, once again, for some unrealized potential in our neighbourhood, Wellington Heights.

With our many minds, many talents, and many hands
Musicians, Singers, even some Poets
Gardeners, Collectors, Quilters and Craftworkers of all types
Stores, Restaurants, and Home-based Businesses
. . .  we can make Wellington Heights a gem in the tiara of historical Port Hope.  How shall we start?
a Block party? . . . a Festival? . . . a Potluck?
maybe a "Bisluck!" -- an event for residents to promote home-based businesses.
We can put together creative events to interest various groups in the neighbourhood.  Anyone who can contribute organizing or other hands-on skills or who wants volunteer experience for their resumes can help with such events.

Make your ideas, interests, and skills known to other people in our neighbourhood.  Tell us about your event idea, your business interest, or your volunteer skills, along with your name, address, and phone/email contact info.