Monday, 27 May 2013

A Win-Win for Wellington

Wellington Heights. What a wonderful name this is for those of us who live on and around Wellington Street in historical Port Hope!

We are a community of citizens with many and varied talents, skills and ideas. So many in fact that Wellington Heights could quite easily become a sparkling gem in the tiara of the national historical town of Port Hope.

A small start. A few trees along Wellington Street to add color, shade, birds, environmental goods, pleasure to the eyes and much more.

Simple to do all the way to accomplishing the goal. Inexpensive. Not labour-intensive.

A win-win for Wellington Street, Port Hope, Ontario, Canada and the planet.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Neighbourhood Trees in Wellington Heights

We live in that part of Port Hope that has come to be called Wellington Heights.

We are aware of the contributions that trees can make to creating and sustaining a vibrant neighbourhood.  When appropriately sited and properly cared for
  • trees beautify neighbourhoods
  • trees reduce the impact of extreme weather on neighbourhood streets
  • trees contribute to a healthful environment for neighbourhood residents
  • trees add value to neighbourhood properties, both public and private

Planted in and growing along the grassy verges between our sidewalks and streets, trees can help to invigorate our neighbourhood.

Further, because they exist over great periods of time
  • trees become a living part of neighbourhood heritage

Trees can help awaken those of us who live in Wellington Heights to an understanding of and appreciation for the heritage of the whole of our wonderful Municipality of Port Hope.

We invite all residents of Wellington Heights to support a well-planned and carefully implemented campaign of tree planting for our neighbourhood.