Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Sep 19 -- Letter of thanks to Peter Angelo, Public Works

Peter Angelo, P.Eng.
Director of Engineering
Municipality of Port Hope

Re: Public Works Recommendation for an All-Way STOP at Wellington & Rosevear
It was with a great deal of both pleasure and relief that I read Public Works' recommendation in this matter.

The change you have recommended will make crossing at Wellington & Rosevear easier for the young people I know who just don't understand the subtleties of COURTESY CROSS-WALK usage, as they were described in this week's newspaper.

In addition, notwithstanding the current industry wisdom concerning the effectiveness of All Way STOPs for "traffic-calming" and speed control, the change at Wellington & ROsevear will also have the salutary effect of discouraging through-traffic on Wellington Street. Some southbound drivers choose a Phillips Road -- Wellington Street route to avoid a left turn at the corner of Roseglen Road and Ontario Street. This choice is dangerous for the many people walking in our neighbourhood. The change at Wellington & Rosevear will reduce that danger both by reducing the number of drivers who drive-thru our neighbourhood and by reducing the speed of those who continue to do so.

Your responses to my suggestions and concerns on this and on other issues have always been forthright and helpful, for which I am grateful and am happy to offer you my thanks.

Sep 17/10 -- Recommendation to Council from Public Works

Responding to our request regarding the stop conditions at Wellington Street and Rosevear Boulevard, on September 21, Public Works presented the following recommendation to Council concerning the intersection at Wellington Street and Rosevear Boulevard:
[It] is proposed that an all way stop be placed at Wellington Street at Rosevear Boulevard....  [The] inclusion of additional stop conditions at ... Wellington Street may effect improvements to noted safety concerns.
Council accepted this recommendation--THANK YOU.