Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Feb 16/10 -- New BUS STOP at Wellington Street & Phillips Road

When new bus routes were introduced last year, a bus stop with a bench was located at the north driveway entrance of the Rose Glen Gardens retirement home--see the photo below.

Bus Stop with bench on Wellington Street just north of Rose Glen Gardens.

Some weeks later, another bus stop was located at the south driveway entrance to Rose Glen Gardens. This 2nd bus stop, which has a shelter, is convenient both for the seniors in the retirement home and for the people in nearby apartment buildings at 50 and 49 Wellington--see photo below.

Bus stop with shelter on Wellington Street near the Courtesy X Walk at Rose Glen Gardens.

With two stops so close together, it seemed a good idea to move the original bus stop with its bench further up Wellington Street, perhaps all the way to the corner of Phillips Road. At that location, it would better serve the many residents of the two apartment buildings at 99 and 101 Phillips Road.

On Saturday, February 6, I sent a message to Peter Angelo, Director of Works and Engineering for Port Hope. I suggested that the original bus stop be moved further up Wellington to the corner of Phillips Road. At this new location the bus stop would improve service to bus riders without adding any cost to bus operation.

GOOD NEWS! On Monday, February 8, Town Staff installed a new bus stop at the corner of Wellington Street and Phillips Road. The next day they installed a freshly painted bench at the stop--see photo below.

New Bus Stop with bench on Wellington Street at the corner of Phillips Road.

Many thanks to Mr. Angelo and his staff.

Anyone who has a suggestion for improving bus service in Port Hope can contact Mr. Angelo at his office:
Peter A. Angelo, P.Eng.
Director, Works and Engineering
Municipality of Port Hope
56 Queen Street, PO Box 117
Port Hope, ON
L1A 3V9
tel: (905) 885-2431 ext. 203
fax: (905) 885-0507
e:mail pangelo@porthope.ca

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Jan 24/10 -- New Bus Stop @ 45 Wellington Street

Congratulations to Karen Polley, one of many people who live in our Wellington Heights neighorhood.

We all know that there is no sidewalk on the east side of Wellington Street south of Rosevear Boulevard. As a result, the bus stop used by people living at 45 Wellington Street and in nearby apartments required people using the Town Bus to stand on the road itself when getting on and getting off. This is a problem, winter and summer, both for seniors living at 45 Wellington Street, and for young parents living in nearby apartments who have small children in hand or in strollers.

Karen Polley is a regular user of the Town Bus. She wondered whether the bus stop could be moved a bit farther up Wellington Street. She thought that a better place for the stop was at the short paved walkway leading from the street to the building at 45 Wellington.

Karen called the Mayor's office to explain the problem and make her suggestion. She was given another town number to call with her suggestion. She called the 2nd number, explained the problem, and asked that the bus stop be moved.

Very shortly after (Guess What?) the bus stop was moved.  The photo below shows a young bus rider waiting at the new bus stop:

Thanks to Town Staff, who realized Karen's suggestion was a good one and moved the stop.

And thanks to Karen  for thinking of the suggestion and for making it, too.