Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Nov 20/09 - Lights Repaired at Wellington and Rosevear

Last summer, the light pole at the top of Rosevear was damaged by an automobile, after which the entire street was without lights for more than a week.

When some residents complained to Public Works about the situation, the Town called its contractor for electrical work, B. G. Roberts Electric. The following day power was restored to the undamaged poles on Rosevear, but the intersection of Wellington and Rosevear remained without lights.

On Friday, November 20, workers from B. G. Roberts Electric replaced the damaged but still standing pole. Below is a photo showing workers using a giant auger to open a hole for the replacement light pole, watched by two curious grandchildren.

The intersection of Wellington and Rosevear is important for residents of Wellington Heights. North of Rosevear, there is a sidewalk on the east side of Wellington only. South of Rosevear, the sidewalk continues on the west side of Wellington. As a result, pedestrians must cross Wellington at the Rosevear intersection.

The Town has recognized the importance of this intersection for the safety of pedestrians:
• by painting a crosswalk from one side of Wellington to the other
• by installing Courtesy Cross-Walk signs at this crosswalk

For the safety of pedestrians, many of whom are parents walking with young children, it is essential that this intersection and its crosswalk be well lit at night. The absence of working lights for about three months was a hazard to their safety.

Residents of Wellington Heights are grateful that lights have been restored to the Wellington and Rosevear intersection.