Monday, 25 January 2016

Wellington Woods -- a new project for our neighbourhood

We have a woods-like area at the top end of our neighbourhood. I've begun calling it Wellington Woods.

Our Woods is smaller (laughably smaller) than the woods and marsh that together lie at the south end of town, near the sewage treatment plant. I was out walking in The Woods three times on last Sunday. From my place on Phillips Road over to the Woods, once around it, then back again to my place takes a scant fifteen minutest. That's how small it is. However,...

I'm calling it Wellington Woods, though Wellington Meadow might be more appropriate. It is principally an open space just to the west of the Carpool Parking lot at the top of Wellington Street. The Woods is fenced on its north, west, and south sides. The east side, unfenced, is separated from the the parking lot by a border of shrubs and small trees. Entry to the Woods is easily made from the parking lot through a gap in the shrub border.

Evergreens more or less edge The Woods along the three fenced sides, while the open space is dotted with some good-sized deciduous trees.

Someone (last summer or fall?) placed a hanging basket in a small tree near the entrance. A small foot-tall stone has been set upright near the base of the tree. I'm wondering whether the stone and the basket mark the final resting site of some family's pet: a hamster? or a budgie?

[For an answer to my idle speculations and some further facts about The Woods, see the next post:  a few questions answered]

The only birds I noticed while walking The Woods were crows sitting high up in trees. Even so, I've hung a small gazebo bird feeder in a tree. Some birds may find their way to it before winter ends.

People who live in nearby apartment buildings and commuters who park in the carpool parking lot walk their dogs into the eastern edge The Woods.

The Woods and the Carpool Parking Lot appears to be the property of the the Ontario Government. There is currently no sign prohibiting neighbourhood folk from walking The Woods. We live in hope that none are in the works!

Below is a link to a folder containing a Google Earth View of The Woods and about two dozen photos of what one sees walking The Woods:
Wellington Woods
By identifying, cataloguing, and mapping the various trees and shrubs, we might develop The Woods as an arboretum!