Sunday, 31 January 2016

Wellington Woods -- new feeders

Two facts had suggested to me that The Woods would benefit from new plantings:
  1. generally, the closeness of the trail to the roads that lie just outside the boundary fence
  2. specifically, my neighbour’s report (and my own observation) of dead or dying ash trees
I resolved to acquire some small tree and/or shrub seedlings for planting in the coming spring. An Internet search led me to H. Richardson Farms near Kendal, ON, which offers the following Nature and Wildlife Special seedling package for about $70:

  • 10 Siberian Peashrub
  • 10 American Mountain Ash
  • 5 White Oak
  • 5 Purple Lilac
Someone wondered whether I should “get permission” before planting anything. I doubted that my neighbour had sought permission for his summer mowing of the open area. Nor did I see a good reason to delay my plan to enrich the treed area. 

After two days absence, I made a brief visit to check the bird feeder and noticed that much of the seed had been eaten. Immediately, I drove to Gilmer's and purchased the following:
  • a second, larger, open platform seed feeder, 
  • a suet wire box feeder and a 3-pack of suet squares

It was late in the day by the time I finished hanging the new feeders, but the temperature had remained warm (for January) and my fingers had not suffered.