Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Wellington Woods -- a few questions answered

On a recent walk about in The Woods, I was greeted by a fellow who lives in a neighbouring apartment building. His apartment has a balcony that affords him a view not only of The Woods, but also of the farmlands north of Hwy 401 and of the treed hillside known as Choate Woods.

As luck would have it, my neighbour is far more acquainted with The Woods than I am and he passed on to me the following:
  • The small upright stone that stands near the base of a small tree at the entrance to The Woods was placed there by my neighbour, more or less on a whim -- it's not a dead family pet marker.
  • The flower basket hanging near the entrance to The Woods has been hanging in that same small tree since last summer. It had a double hanging in a nearby tree, but which is no longer there.
  • The largest deciduous trees in the open area of The Woods are ash. Some are dead and others are dying -- victims of the emerald ash borer?
  • During the summer, my neighbour mows the open area of The Woods where those ash trees stand -- The Meadow?
SO ... we have an active Woods Watch committee in the neighbourhood.