Thursday, 24 September 2009

Sep 23/09 from Dept of Public Works

Summary of a telephone call from Tara in the Department of Public Works:

(1) She acknowledged receipt of my concerns by the Department of Public Works, which must have been forwarded to DPW by the Council, since my most recent message of August 14 was not sent to DPW at all, but only to the Mayor and Councillors;

(2) She said that DPW has been contacting Wellington Street apartment building superintendents and area snow removal contractors to make them aware of the problem on Wellington Street sidewalks and to remind them of their obligations not to block sidewalks with ploughed snow;

(3) She said that DPW is considering the possibility of adding Wellington Street sidewalks to the roster of sidewalks that the Town itself ploughs—wouldn’t that be nice!

I was pleased and excited to receive this call. I am hopeful that the coming winter will be easier underfoot for the many folk who tread the sidewalks of Wellington Heights.

In addition, I believe that efforts to solve this Wellington Street snowy sidewalk problem will benefit the entire Wellington Heights neighbourhood, in which so many of us have a stake.